Awesome Balcony Garden Ideas That You Will Love


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Living in a concrete jungle has its own set of pros and cons. With high-rise apartments and spectacular gated communities transforming the urban landscape, the struggle of getting a good dose of the great outdoors into your life is a challenge faced by many city residents. However, whether you have a small veranda, an open patio or a compact balcony, you can dress up your space with easy balcony garden ideas and make your own version of paradise on earth.

Think Vertical

One of the best balcony garden ideas that instantly enhance the look and feel of your space is to literally think outside the box when it comes to placing your pots and plants. Utilise the walls and railings of your balcony by installing hanging pots. You can also opt for creepers that grow along the fences, giving your balcony a cosy look. Go bold by fixing shelves along the walls and placing colourful pots on them of different shapes, sizes and textures. This way, you have more space left on the floor to plan an intimate seating arrangement, or just walk around amidst the dense shades of green.

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