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As Churchill beautifully summarized, we at Crowd Wave believe in the concept of “Giving”. We’re a crowdfunding platform in india designed to help NGOs and individuals raise funds for a social cause. We like to call ourselves the catalysts of positive social change and strongly believe that by helping others, we become a part of a much bigger movement.

We do our level best to ensure that every non-profit campaign that is initiated achieves its funding goal and ultimately reaches the desired cause.

Our main aim is to help those who want to bring about a positive change in the society and want to do good but do not have enough funds or resources to do so. These guys are our heroes and we call them the “Golden Hearted Soul Campaigners”.

Apart from helping NGOs and individuals raise funds for noble causes, we also help people perform an act of kindness by making a donation or contributing something towards a good cause. We provide a trustworthy platform through which people can donate comfortably. With Crowd Wave, anyone can make an informed decision by looking at all the projects and understand where their money will be used. We call these guys “inspired souls” or “donors”.

Once a Campaigner publishes his/her cause on our website, we work to promote the cause across the online space and reach out to potential donors to help raise funds. All the campaigns listed with us have detailed information about the cause, including its purpose and ways of which the funds will be used.

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