Diagnosis and Treatments of Bursitis
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Treatment of Bursitis – medicine, therapies, braces, and surgery

Bursitis can be caused due to overuse and injury. It can be treated with the help of rest and medicine. You can also use warm-up exercises before the particular jobs and hobbies. Apart from that; medications, therapies, and surgery are also a treatment for Bursitis.
Bursitis is the inflammation of the joints. The treatment of bursitis involves surgery as well. But it is the option in the extreme cases. Normal cases can be treated with the help of medicines and therapies. So, it is better to consult the orthopedics in time to avoid the surgery. But before the treatment, how you will know that you are suffering from Bursitis?

Diagnosis of Bursitis:
Orthopedics may ask you about the medical history then only he/she will advise you on the diagnostic techniques. Following are the diagnostic techniques of the Bursitis –

  1. Imaging Tests – Imaging test are done to gain an insight into the situation. Similarly, in case of bursitis, your orthopedic may suggest you the X-ray. If X-ray is unable to clarify the situation, they may also advise you for MRI and Ultrasound.
  • X-Ray – This is a diagnostic technique that uses the invisible electromagnetic energy to get the images of the internal bone and tissues.
  • MRI – It is also an imaging test that includes the combination of very large frequencies and electromagnetic radiations and computer. Their combination will provide the detailed images of the structure of the organs.
  • Aspiration – This is a procedure that uses a needle to remove the fluid from the swollen Bursa. This will also help in catching the cause of Bursa.
  • Ultrasound – It uses the high-frequency sound waves to look at the organs and the tissues.
  1. Lab Tests – Your Orthopedic may also advise you to go for blood tests. These blood tests or fluid tests may help them to know the reason for Bursitis.

Treatments of Bursitis:
Generally, Bursitis may get will get better on its own. But following are the treatments of the Bursitis –

  • Conservative Measures – This is defined with an acronym RICE. RICE stands for Rest, ice, compression and elevation. Rest and ice pack can be very effective in the treatment of Bursitis.
  • Medications – Generally the inflammation caused by Bursa is due to infection. In case of infection, your doctor may advise you some antibiotics. This will help in reducing the inflammation and hence, improving the case. Sometimes the pain caused is uncontrollable. In this case, the orthopedics may prescribe a painkiller like Ibrufen.
  • Therapies – Physical therapy and advised by your physiotherapist is an important way to get rid of Bursitis naturally. These physical exercises can strengthen your muscles. This will improve the condition of Bursa and ease pain.
  • Injections – Corticosteroid injection can be injected to reduce the swelling. These drugs can reduce the pain in the hip and shoulder. This treatment is not only effective but fast as well. In many cases, only one injection is enough to solve the problem.
  • Use of assistive device – People suffering from Bursitis may have to face problem while walking. The muscles get weak in Bursitis. It is advisable to use a walker or cane for walking to maintain the balance.
  • Surgery – Bursectomy is the surgical solution to the Bursitis. This is defined as the removal of infected bursa. It uses the help of the needle which causes the drainage and help in removal of the excessive Bursa. The surgery is advisable in extreme cases.
  • Braces and Splints – Braces and splints will be used to limit the movement of the inflamed joint. The brace does not cause any harm and allows you to perform your day to day activities.

Therefore, Bursitis can be treated with the help of medication, therapies, braces, and surgery. The condition might improve on its own. But, if it does not improve, it can result in various complications.

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