Do you want to know the secret of a STRESS free life ?
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Constant demands of career, family, personal-life and social-life build and accumulate stress in us. Stress is produced by the body’s natural reaction to defend and protect itself. It causes toxic chemical reactions that disturb our physical, emotional and mental well-being. Apart from physical disorders like high blood pressure, increased heart rate, low immunity, insomnia, digestive and bowel problems, the psychological effects of stress are crucial.

Human mind is extremely powerful. It creates our reality. But when in stress, its’ performance and efficiency gets critically affected. We get victimized by external circumstances. A stressful mind can never think positively. It fosters negative feelings like fear, frustration, anger, resentment, distrust, depression, anxiety and drain us emotionally and psychologically.

Harmful effects of stress:

1. When we are stressed out, we cannot motivate ourselves to accomplish our goals and to create our reality.
2. Stress brings down our immunity and makes us more susceptible to diseases and disorders.
3. It creates confusion and disharmony which leads to poor analytical and decision making skills.
4. It gives rise to feelings of self-doubt, personal incompetency and reduces our self-esteem.
5. It holds us back and prevents us from exercising our true potential.

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