Importance of featured snippet in 2017
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A featured snippet is a short and neat answer/summary of the user’s question that usually appears within a box before the top 10 search results of Google. You may or may not have seen them in Google search results. If you have not…you will, because Google is putting weight on this feature to offer better and direct answers to the users’ queries. Unfortunately, Google is not offering feature snippet for all types of questions. Fortunately, you have a scope to compete for feature snippet position. Why? Because feature snippets appear before the top 10 results (this is why feature snippet is also called as #0 position). Therefore, you don’t have to fight for the #1 position to grab users’ attention. Most importantly, more people are clicking on the featured snippet link than that of the #1 website. So, if you want to generate more organic traffic without getting involved in head to head fight for #1 position, this blog will guide you through the way.

You can check this article written on how featured snippets can help you to gain more organic traffic in 2017. You will be stunned when you see the analysis that how different websites are already taking advantages of #0 position to beat the competitors. So, why not you?7 secret steps are presented in this blog as a guideline for those who want to rank for featured snippets.


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