Journey of The Humble T-Shirt Over Decades
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T-shirts have been in vogue since the time of their origin. Blame it on their casual look or their supreme comfort level, t-shirts have overtaken several outfits over the years and is not ready to take the backseat yet. There are several types of t-shirts such as crew neck, polo, raglan sleeve, Henley, scoop neck, so on and so forth. These slip-on garments were invented as undergarments to be worn under the military uniforms. Those were just short-sleeved, crew-necked, white cotton undershirt has revolutionized itself to become one of the most indispensable parts of every wardrobe regardless of gender and age. Given below is this wonderful journey of the beloved t-shirt over the decades.


Amidst the traditional suit and tie, teenagers in the 1960s began wearing t-shirts as a medium of self-expression and breaking the conventional look.


Graphic T-Shirts became a hit in the 1970s, especially the graphic quote tees. They are still very popular among teenagers.


The 1980s saw t-shirt fashion embracing colours and pushing the norms. Cut out and oversized t-shirts gained immense popularity. Also, the prevalence of graphic t-shirts grew by leaps and bounds.


People started wearing t-shirts under a button down shirt and under blazers. Also, temperature sensitive shirts were also popular in the 1990s.



Slogan t-shirts hit the market with the bang in the 2000s. Be it sarcastic or poetic; these slogan t-shirts helped one display their thoughts in a stylish manner.


Designer T-shirts found their way to the runway. Almost every celebrity was seen wearing one and this led to a rise in popularity of these tees.

Undoubtedly, T-shirts are not going to be wiped out of the fashion industry anytime soon. They are the go-to for every event and outing. One can even get custom t-shirts which allow customized designs based on the person’s taste and preference.

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