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MultiplyIQ is a platform for students and parents to discover learning opportunities. By providing students and parents with information on learning resources inside and outside the classroom, MultiplyIQ strives to spark the love of learning, the currency for success in the future.

Technology is changing our life and creating new type of work continuously.   On the flip side, some jobs or services may disappear forever.  Companies and individuals are adapting to the shifting landscape.  It is essential for everyone to keep learning new skills.  For children, we believe it is critical for them to develop a love of learning early on. Getting the basics such as writing and math right is essential. The ability and willingness to learn new skill is becoming the currency for success in the future.  It is more important than ever to look at learning holistically for children.  In the US, students spend approximately 180 days in the classroom.  If students do not take advantage of the time outside the classroom, they may not be able to keep up later on.  Activities outside classroom are great opportunities for children to discover their passion and talent.  For working parents, keeping up with the demand at work and dealing with the shifting landscape in school and out-of-school activities for their children is a daily challenge.  The good news is that there are numerous learning resources both online and offline.  Our goal is to provide a platform to help students and parents navigate through the shifting maze and discover new learning opportunities.  Investment in learning will pay dividends in the future.  Invest now.

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