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We all know that exercise is an inevitable aspect of every infant’s development. While children spend most of their time on the floor, it is obvious that they cannot be left on the carpet, which is dusty and full of germs. We can’t let them play on the bare floor either, since it is the breeding ground of all sorts of germs and we know that young children are very susceptible to infections. Moreover, your baby is too precious and delicate to be playing on a cold, hard surface. Keeping all these things in mind, we bring to you the Best Play Mats For Kids In India. These play mats have been chosen keeping the following criteria in mind:

1) Quality – An ‘activity mat’ should be thick and stain-resistant, with good cushioning to provide maximum comfort to the child. It should not contain PVC, plastic or any chemicals or dyes that may harm the child in any way.

2) Design – A play mat should be fun, colourful, practical, and functional to stimulate imagination, brain development and encourage curiosity in kids to explore and learn.

3) Functionality – Children are keen observers. You can buy a play mat after your baby turns 4 months – the ideal age when your child starts to develop hand-eye co-ordination and gross & fine motor skills. Musical mats or designs like A-B-C, numbers, farmhouse (animals) or any other similar designs can help in fostering early learning and development in your child.

4) Safety – A play mat should not tear, wear off or chip at the edges, creating potential choking hazards for children.

5) Comfort—A good play mat should provide good cushioning, and encourage development of bones, brain, spine, and vision.

Keeping all the above criteria in mind, the below list has been curated based on survey conducted with young parents and reviews by other experts.

The Top Play Mats For Children In India are –

  1. FisherPrice
  2. Dwinguler / BabyCare
  3. BabyCenter India
  4. MagicWand
  5. Kids Play Mat

When my child was 6 months old, starting to turn back & forth, I decided to pick one for my baby. And it obviously had to be the best. I stumbled upon Dwinguler’s BebeDom Mats at Peek-A-Boo Patterns when I wanted to buy Popsicle Night Dress for my little angel. And it was almost love at first sight. Let me tell you why.

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