The Role of Technology & the Internet of Things in Home Heal
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“How the Internet of Things is advancing Home Health Care”, dated July 21st 2016, Tod Henderson (VP Marketiing and Business Development at Losant) quotes Dr. David Rhew, Samsung Chief Medical Officer:Monitoring of seniors’ health in the home  setting can enable the early detection of problems, promote proactive interventions by healthcare providers and minimize hospital and long term costs.”

The primary aim of home health care is to enable patients to maintain their independence in their own homes, reducing emergency care and hospitalizations, improving their quality of life and perceived patient satisfaction, while at the same time reducing the total cost of health care. Technology can, and does already, play a vital role in delivering better standards of healthcare at home.

Holistically speaking, home healthcare serves people with complicated and multiple chronic conditions including heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) , diabetes – to name a few. Technology can improve the management and care of this high-risk population by providing:

  • Daily monitoring – between in-person visits>
  • Timely intervention depending on the patient’s condition
  • Providing a triage of clinical needs
  • Reinforcing treatment and discharge plans

For more check out this link: https://www.indiahomehealthcare.com/blogpost/role-technology-internet-things-home-healthcare/

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