Tips to Create A Party Look with Crop Tops
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Crop tops are trending, and every girl loves them. Crop tops not only accentuate the body but can be paired with several other outfits. But matching it correctly according to the body type and the event can make heads turn. One of the main reasons why crop tops are popular is because it is extremely comfortable and ideal even on a sunny day. But there are ways you can wear them during parties as well.

Given below are some tips on how to create a party look with these cool women crop tops.

Go for a printed top and bottom set

Trendy and flattering, this combination fits perfectly even for school dances. Make sure that the prints match. Even a slightly different pattern will spoil the look.

Tie-front tops

Tie-front tops give a retro vibe and look incredibly cute. This is a more conservative look and covers a bit more skin than the usual crop tops.

Wear high waist pants or a long loose skirt

Crop tops for girls look lovely if paired with a loose and long maxi-skirt. Go for the one that sits above the belly button. High waist pants also go wonderfully with crop tops.

Pair crop tips with wedges or heels

Matching or nude heels and wedges are necessary to highlight the party look of the crop top.

Pair pretty jewellery

Accessorise and add elegance to your look. Pair pearls or a thin necklace with cool women crop tops along with bracelets to complete the look.

These were some ways you can match and wear crop tops. Several portals cater to these fashion needs by providing women crop tops at reasonable rates. Check out all the styles from various portals and select the ones you like. This way, you will be always dressed to rock any outing or party!

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