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A child’s mind is so gentle and so pure that what gets imprinted at the early age leaves an indelible mark forever. This is an undisputed fact.  A child’s first school is his/her preschool. A pre-school i  a place where they get to develop their social skills, mannerisms, discipline and behavioural pattern. The most important development that the parents look forward to is in the areas of fine motor skills, language skills, cognitive skills, self help skills and reasoning skills. Reasoning skills plays a very silent, yet play a crucial role in the development of the child. As it makes the child to think more and beyond the obvious!  Therefore it becomes necessary for the parents to carefully choose an appropriate pre-school to suit the temperament and interests of their child. Here is a list of the Top PreSchools in Hyderabad in no particular order.

A pre-school has the important responsibility to teach basic concepts of daily life like- cleanliness, punctuality, friendship, group behavior which contributes to the overall development of the child.  It makes the child well-equipped to take on the kindergarten school with ease. Certain skills like placing your tiffin box on the mat, completing your food, closing the box and packing it in your bag, keeping your table clean may seem routine to us; but a child is not acquainted with these skills. It is the role of the pre-school to inculcate these habits in a joyful and an interesting manner. Thus, the pre-school you choose plays an intriguing role in shaping the identity of the child. You can also read other relevant blogs on the Best Pre-Schools in ChennaiBangalore & Mumbai.

To help you choose the best pre-school, we are enlisting the names of Top 10 PreSchools in Hyderabad.

Blue Blocks Play School

This play school is all what a child needs; the right environment, supporting staff, caring and capable teachers and the most important factor being child safety. Cleanliness is something that is taken utmost care of by the school. Their motto is to let the kids discover themselves and slowly tread upon the path to wisdom. Their baby steps being ably guided and monitored by the versatile teachers. This school ensures the safety of your ward as well as intellectual, psychological and social development of the child. An added feature is that it conducts parent workshops which help the parents to understand their child better.

The team at IrisFlorets School is specially trained to make the journey of their pre-schoolers one that is enjoyable and entertaining.  It also gives prime importance to the festivals and other events celebrations organized at school; they are filled with full of colour and vigour. Kids literally look forward to each day of schooling; in anticipation of some surprise in store for them every day. And the teachers totally live upto their expectations. Everyday the kids are introduced to some new concept.  This Playschool has the right balance of everything – infrastructure, curriculum, teachers, support staff, care and safety for children and hence one of the Best Play Schools in Hyderabad.

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