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The Indian real estate industry is booming at a breakneck pace. With the implementation of game-changing policies like RERA and GST, the government of India is going the extra mile to ensure this sector keeps thriving and prospering for years to come. Additionally, there are a plethora of technological advancements that have played a vital role in enhancing customer relationships and guiding them through the journey of buying their dream home. Read on for the top real estate trends to watch out for in 2018.

Better Visualisation Of The Property

A few years back, visiting the site was the only way to get information about a property. While a site visit is still an important step in the home buying process, the Internet has now made it easy for home buyers to shortlist properties based on a series of technological advancements before they visit a project.

Virtual reality videos: Virtual reality is one of the top real estate trends used by developers to showcase their projects. Through a VR video, home buyers can experience a 360-degree walkthrough of the property to get a better perspective of the building and bring them one step closer to envisioning themselves living in them.

Building Information Modeling (BIM): Building Information Modeling is a cutting-edge technology used by developers to project a three dimensional model of the property. This helps in showcasing the skeletal structure of the development with emphasis on dimensions, site map, lighting design and construct. This technology is especially useful to portray projects that are under construction, so potential homeowners can get a better idea of the construction.

Drone Technology: In order to keep up with the fast-evolving nature of the Internet, real estate developers are in the constant lookout for technologies that help attract potential homeowners to their properties. Drone technology is one such invention that provides an aerial tour of the development. Through high-quality drone images and videos, home buyers get a bird’s eye view of their properties and the infrastructure of the locality.

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