Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Partner
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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, men everywhere are scrambling to find the perfect gift for the women in their lives. Finding a special gift that shows your partner just how wonderful they are can be difficult. Chocolates might be an old favourite, but they don’t last forever. This Valentine’s Day, show your partner how much you care in a more enduring way. Jewellery is the ultimate expression of eternal love and can be cherished for years to come. Here’s your guide to selecting the most exquisite piece of jewellery for your partner that will say P.S. I Love You.

1. Gold Stackable Rings

Rings have for long symbolized the unbreakable bond of love between two people. Put a contemporary spin on this timeless accessory by choosing a stacked ring set for your partner. At Gehna, you can find gold stackable rings in India which will allow your partner to play around with different styles and bring out her unique personality. If your partner is the Queen of your heart, gift her this unique Aristocratic Gold Stackable Rings Set to let her know. This regal set will be the perfect way to accessorise any outfit with a quintessential ring.

2. Silver and Pearl Earrings


Iridescent white pearls are the embodiment of all things elegant and classic. If this echoes your partner’s own personal style, then gift her a pair of silver and pearl earrings she will genuinely love. Find these Florid Silver and Pearl Earrings in India which combine the subtle beauty of pearls and silver in an intricate lace pattern. These silver and pearl earrings can also transition seamlessly from the office to a dinner date, making them perfect for the modern woman.

3. Gemstone Bracelet


A gemstone bracelet is the quintessential accessory for any woman to accentuate their graceful wrist. If your partner loves minimalist style statements, gift her a delicate gemstone bracelet that will perfectly complement her look. This Aquamarine, Blue Topaz and Crystal Quartz Bracelet is the perfect marriage of simplicity and style. The calming blue tones of aquamarine and blue topaz is beautifully offset with the muted tones of crystal quartz and sterling silver. This exquisite gemstone bracelet will definitely become a favourite in your partner’s minimalist jewellery box.

4. Diamond Nose Pin


A simple diamond nose pin can make for an exceptional, striking style statement. If your partner has a nose piercing she loves accessorizing, gift her a beautiful diamond nose pin for an unusual gift she will always cherish. This Dazzling Gold Diamond Nose Pin is perfect for your partner if her personal style leans towards ethnic, contemporary looks. The sparkling diamonds which adorn this nose pin can be outdone only by your partner’s radiant smile.

5. Silver Stud Earrings


Few accessories are as versatile as a pair of beautiful stud earrings. For women who love fuss-free yet elegant styles, a pair of silver stud earrings can be the ultimate accessory. This Valentine’s Day, gift your partner a pair of silver stud earrings that are perfect for any occasion. These Fascicle Sterling Silver Stud Earrings from the Tessera Collection by Gehna are simple but striking. With a unique pattern and rose gold finish, these silver studs are certain to make your partner’s day extra-special.

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